Documentation made easy for PCH members.

Most healthcare documentation software is complicated and hard to use. PCH partners with CareChron to make documentation straightforward and accessible as a free member benefit.

Simplify documentation.

Let documentation become a natural part of the care process. Focus on delivering a quality experience for your residents.

Resident Profiles

Create familiarity with residents.

Maintain real relationships with your residents and document their needs in a single place.

Care Log

A digital notebook for resident care.

Add notes for documenting the care residents are receiving from your team.

Team Management

Give your team access.

Provide your team with the tools they need to share information across shifts.

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team at

    • How can CareChron make my life easier?

      CareChron is an online record system that allows you to make and check resident notes on the go from your phone, computer, or tablet. It provides a convenient platform for you and your staff to communicate regarding the residents, document the resident’s change in condition, and comply with state regulations.

    • How much does CareChron cost?

      CareChron is free to PCH Mutual members! As an insurance carrier, PCH Mutual understands the importance of careful and frequent documentation and want to make it easier for you to comply with state regulations and follow your best practices.

    • How do I access the software?

      Email to get an administrator account set up. Once that’s done the administrator can invite the rest of the team.

    • Do you have a place to enter MARs/TARs (Medication/Treatment Administration Records)?

      Not yet.

    • Can I use my phone to enter notes?

      Yes. You can access CareChron on any device that has a web browser.

    • Can I dictate notes?

      Not yet.

    • Does CareChron sell our data?


    • Do I need to use this software to keep my insurance coverage?

      No, but it might put your coverage in jeopardy if you lose or falsify records. CareChron is an extremely helpful tool to keep track of a resident’s change in condition, your communication with providers and family, and all other resident needs and issues which need to be communicated and documented.

    • What type of information should I record in CareChron?

      Please use the tool as a communication log and resident chart.

    • Is CareChron HIPAA Compliant?

      We are not a “covered entity” as defined by HIPAA and thus not subject to HIPAA requirements. Notwithstanding this, we are working on obtaining our HIPAA compliance certification.

    • Is my data secure? Who can access this data?

      Yes, your data is encrypted and stored securely. Only your team has access to this data.

    • What if I make a mistake? How do I change the records?

      We are all human. As soon as you discover a mistake, make a new CareChron note referencing the date of the record and the error. You cannot edit or update existing notes once they’ve been created.

Onboard your team today

CareChron can provide onboarding support and answer any questions you have. Please reach out anytime.